Aksjeselskap, translates to "stock company," and gives owners limited liability. In Norway, publicly traded companies now use the ASA notation, and no longer use this notation. Private companies still use this AS notation. An AS requires minimum share capital of NOK 100,000, of which at least 50% must be paid up at incorporation.
Note: this was formerly written as A.S. and A/S, but financial law reform has dictated that periods and slashes should no longer be used. Company Extensions and Security Identifiers
The two-character ISO 3166 country code for American Samoa. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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   Czech or Slovak company title: abbreviation of Akciova spolecnost.

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as UK US /æzˌ əz/ adverb
as at — Cf. as at
as from — Cf. as from
as is — Cf. as is
as is, where is — Cf. as is, where is
as of — Cf. as of
as per — Cf. as per
as seen — Cf. as seen

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